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Oval Medical
Using Polymeric PDC Technology To Improve Autoinjector Design

The limitations of using glass-based autoinjectors, such as contamination, and the need for delivering complex, viscous preparations, have led to a new approach that uses polymeric PDC technology instead. Jonathan Lawson, MSc, Senior Design Engineer, Jonathan Bradshaw, MSc, Device Development Engineer and Susie White, MEng, Mechanical Engineer, all of Oval Medical Technologies, look at what polymeric PDCs can offer in making autoinjectors truly patient-centric.

POC Diagnostics: 4 Considerations For Bridging The Gap From Development To Commercialization

Molecular diagnostics, microfluidics, and biosensors are a few of the technologies advancing Point-Of-Care (POC) diagnostics (Dx). As the technologies associated with creating a lab-on-a-chip become more complex, so does the process of bringing the assay to a fully commercialized product.

Medical Devices
Electronics Integration Into Disposable/Single Use Medical Devices

The Medical Device market has been rapidly changing over the last decade and a key area of change is addressing today’s fast paced data-driven environment. Medical device companies face many challenges in matching today’s technology desires while balancing strong industry cost pressures. 

Complex Medical Device

SMC Ltd. helped a large surgical device developer bring a highly complex balloon kyphoplasty device to market quickly, while improving quality.

Diagnostics Kit

SMC partnered with an innovative diagnostic company to develop a POC cartridge for sepsis pathogen detection.

Mapping Catheter

SMC Ltd. partnered with an OEM to manufacture an intricate atrial fibrillation vascular catheter. The Mapping Catheter detects sixty-four atrial fibrillation signals on a global array and integrates the information to provide cutting edge vascular diagnostics. 

Revasculation Device

Working closely with a medical device company, SMC Ltd. designed and molded vital components for an ischemic stroke device platform. This revasculation device utilizes three distinct products that work to prevent aneurysms and strokes through precision extraction, packing, and blood therapy. 

Stent Delivery Catheter

In collaboration with a large OEM, SMC Ltd. developed effective processes to manufacture and validate a peripheral stent delivery device.

Field Bood Typing
Field Blood Typing Card

In collaboration with a large OEM, SMC Ltd. developed a prototyped POC cartridge to commercial readiness.

Top 10 Tips
Contract Manufacturing

Collaborating with the right Contract Manufacturer (CM) can have many benefits. The right CM provides program management, which anticipates the needs of the program and/or customer and offers services to resolve unknowns that may arise. Full service contract manufacturers also provide risk mitigation, innovation, quality, and ultimately faster speed-to-market. 

Micro Molding

The Micro Molding process is an increasingly popular choice among medical manufacturers trying to reduce the size of their medical devices. With many complex devices fitting in the palm of a hand, the working components inside need to be strategically designed and placed. With smaller components comes new challenges, and finding a trusted partner for Micro Molding components can often times lead to many questions.

Silicone Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs) are well-suited to the unique needs of the medical product industry. Silicone materials are biocompatible, inert and stable, flexible, have a low compression set with a wide range of durometers, and offer superior heat resistance. High quality components with complex shapes can be repeated in high quantities in a cost effective manner.

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