Medical Device Automation & Assembly Services

A robust, repeatable assembly process is as critical to the success of the product as it is to the success of the contract manufacturer. SMC’s automation expertise provides assurance that each device is made using a reliable and verified process. Our industry differentiating in-house automation teams create innovative processes for assembly, then design and build automation cells or may partner with automation specialty companies. Whether your system needs are met utilizing a high speed system, or with smaller automated work cells, in-house automation expertise is available in each of our global facilities.

Your SMC team will develop a plan with you to get your device ready for clinical trials and at the same time build a plan for full scale-up assemblies.

Assembly services include:

  • In-house automation expert knowledge
  • Fully automated work cells
  • In-line sub-assembly
  • Skilled human-touch assembly
  • Manual bench-top assembly aids
  • Drug handling for assembled combination products
  • No touch – High-speed fully automated assembly lines
  • Test systems for 100% verification
  • ISO Class 7 and 8 assembly clean rooms

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