In-house Automation

We take pride in offering industry-differentiating automation expertise from fully integrated high-speed automation to custom systems suited to low volume assembly and supporting device verification.

Because every program is different, we work with customers to determine the best scenario given the project technical requirements, volume, cost and timeframe. The best solution is often a multi-phased approach as the device evolves from development utilizing automated systems to minimize variation to full production scale-up using automation to achieve the marketplace needs at the most competitive cost.

Low Volume Device solutions:

SMC enhances manual assemblies by designing and building automation stations in-house to complete critical assembly tasks and verify the completion of that task. Typical equipment used includes integrated vision systems, SCARA, 6-axis and cartesian robots. We provide test stations ranging from a simple process test to full device testing with a verifying data record of each test.

High Volume Device solutions:

SMC’s in-house knowledge of automated systems benefits projects suited for high-speed automation systems. SMC works closely with established suppliers who specialize in the design and build of high-speed automation systems. Together, we plan for the best method of delivering each component to the assembly process regardless of whether the component comes directly from an SMC molding machine or a supplier of electronics or labels; and for the best method of assembly including verification testing throughout the assembly process and final testing.

SMC’s Automated Manufacturing Systems capabilities include:

  • Expert knowledge of high-speed automation
  • Established automation supply chain
  • An internal automation team serving all SMC’s global locations
  • In-house designing, machining, programming and system construction
  • Development of custom assembly stations and custom test stations
  • 100% device verification systems
  • Lab-based “Proof of Concept” activities
  • Scale-up automation from development through full production