Thermoplastic Injection Molding

All single use devices that we custom manufacture start with the technology of molding plastic.

All components molded at SMC are for healthcare applications, and our molding processes are validated using IQ/OQ/PQ protocols. We specialize in components that rely upon complex geometry and challenging quality requirements. Using scientific molding practices we assure premium components with each press cycle.

  • Class 7 clean rooms
  • Class 8 clean rooms
  • White rooms
  • Engineered resins
  • Insert molding
  • Micro molding
  • Two-shot
  • Gas assist
  • Hot-cold molding
  • Conformal cooling
  • Micro channels
  • Full range of secondary operations
  • Automated systems for full assembly or sub-assembly of components

With device applications, cosmetics are often as critical as dimensions. Upfront, we will work with you to establish expectations of parting lines, witness lines, ejector locations, gate locations and knit line concerns.

Most often, the molded part is just the start of the manufacturing process.  Following the molding process might be a pad printed or laser marked logo press side, or the component might go directly into an assembly or sub-assembly.  With our knowledge and planning of the assembly process, we build into the molding operation any needed part orientation upon ejection from the mold. 


Engineered resins are molded in Class 7 and Class 8 clean rooms, and white rooms.