Simulating the product in its production form is the true benefit of prototyping.

Prototyping any device can help determine form, fit and function, aid in marketing decisions, and enable early product design verification. Initiating a project through prototype testing can reduce upfront capital and mitigate future economic risk.

At SMC, we meet your needs with rapid prototypes in plastics, metals, electronics, and as full assemblies. We have a dedicated, in-house team and manufacturing space just for prototyping, including producing molded parts in intended resins. Mimicking the actual production process of components can be as important as mimicking the overall production manufacturing process resulting in a full working device.

At the delivery level, prototype components are measured in days, not in metrics of weeks like bridge or production components. Utilizing equipment dedicated to the prototyping process, SMC can deliver quickly allowing you to assess components as well as the complete product.

Highlights of SMC’s prototyping capabilities:

  • Rapid prototypes with clear, opaque, and elastomeric materials (<3 days typical)
  • Rapid prototypes via CNC machining in both metals and plastic resins of choice
  • Molded prototypes with intended resins
  • Tools made with production scale-up in mind
  • PCBA’s, custom displays, etc. utilizing our outside partners
  • Dedicated equipment and people
  • Full device assemblies with prototype components