Design For Manufacturability & Assembly (DFMA)

Assessing the design, the manufacturability, and the assembly of the device early on provides tremendous benefits throughout the life of the program.

The DFMA (Design for Manufacturability and Assembly) mindset is woven into all phases of our development process. For example, during early stages of the design process, SMC’s engineers can help you with design refinements to allow best-in-class manufacturing techniques for every element of your product design, offering you the best assurance of a highly producible and robust design.

The core program team includes design, quality, tooling, processing and assembly engineers. Also included are professionals from our supply-chain, operations and financial teams. Formal design reviews are a part of our process to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our goal is to improve quality, reduce costs, shorten time-to-market, and bring the best design through the validation process.