Patient-Centricity: The Importance of Human Factors In The Pandemic Era

Patient-centricity is at the heart of drug delivery device design and innovation, and the global pandemic has highlighted the importance of patient-centric development in this field. The drug delivery device market expected to grow tremendously, bringing novel technologies and therapies to life. Key factors driving this innovation peak include a trend towards moving care out of hospitals and into patients' homes, adoption of smart devices, predictive data analytics, targeted therapeutics and personalised medicine. Patient focus is a common theme in all these drivers. As we begin this decade, it is clear that patient-centricity is at the heart of all innovation and one of the most important considerations throughout the development process. However, there is a lot of work still to be done in this field to truly understand the concept, process and what exactly the success criteria are towards a patient-centric development. The pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance of human factors considerations even further.

This article will highlight:

      • Market Trends
      • Human Factors considerations in the Pandemic
      • Elements of a “Patient-Centric” Model
      • Patient Centric Design Thinking
      • Patient Process Mapping
      • Patient-Centric Development Strategy
      • Patient Usability Studies
      • Patient Feedback

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