Design and Development

Every unique device presents the opportunity for a unique solution while still based on solid engineering and manufacturing principles.

SMC Ltd. offers an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to product design encompassing research, program management, product design and development, rapid prototyping, regulatory testing, and final production.                  


Whether you engage our team in a full development effort or utilize us as an extension of your team, we are committed to a successful product introduction.



SMC provides technology research involving patent reviews and new technologies available. Product reviews and competitive research/analysis in the areas of manufacturing technology, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software development can be provided.


Product Design

Our dedicated teams of engineers have the knowledge and experience in Industrial design for human factors and branding, mechanical engineering for functional requirements, electrical engineering for embedded controls and monitoring, and software development, to transform your concepts into successful and reliable products.


Product Development

Effective design balances form, fit, and function with manufacturing feasibility, regulatory considerations, and commercial viability. We work cross-functionally with manufacturing, automation, and supply chain management utilizing on-site testing labs, rapid prototyping, and clean room assembly.



We provide rapid prototypes in both metals and plastic resins, including molded prototype parts in intended resins. Mimicking the actual production process of molded components can be as important as mimicking the overall production manufacturing process resulting in a full working device



We design and perform testing services for design evaluation, design verification and technology evaluation. Our testing and verification labs include: environmental (heat and humidity), age, mechanical shock, tensile and compression forces, functional, and DOE; virtual testing with FEA and CFD.



With the distinct advantage of in-house manufacturing facilities and continuous support from our quality verification experts, our customers have the option to seamlessly bridge from design to manufacturing, with the assurance of reliable program management at every point along the way.

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Areas of Specialty Include:


Medical Devices

Our experiences range from simple surgical tools to complex electro-mechanical systems. As manufacturing experts, we understand the importance of design to achieve a robust, cost effective, manufacturable device. More…

Field Bood Typing

Point-Of-Care Diagnostics (POC)

SMC employs design specialists for POC cassette or cartridge design with specific experience in microfluidics design, providing comprehensive services for compact point-of-care diagnostic devices. More…


Electro-Mechanical Devices

Designing to include electronics requires an understanding of user needs, available technology and technical limitations, and the complicated maze of regulations that control these products. More…


Auto Injectors

SMC/Oval combines a deep understanding of patient need with advance autoinjection technology, allowing customization of platforms and the creation of devices that work for any patient or formulation. More…


Fluid/Air/Thermal Management

SMC’s knowledge in complex fluid properties allows us to provide innovative solutions for devices dependent on microfluidics, air and thermal management, from design through manufacturing.