Metals Integration

The attributes of the metal parts in the assembly must be understood in order to optimize the overall device performance.

SMC engineers are experienced in the properties of metals and are ready to assist you to realize practical and cost-effective solutions for your plastic/metal products. The metal part may be a cannula, wire, pin, plate, bushing, spring, or metal injection molded part. It will very likely be made in one of the many available grades of stainless steel, or Nitinol. We understand the mechanical properties and machining options for these metals as well as what treatments, such as heat treatment, electro-polishing, or passivation, may be needed in order to achieve the required functionality of the device.

Programs that integrate metals and plastics together into medical devices typically take a greater degree of customization and engineering development. SMC’s team of dedicated supply chain metals specials will assist you with cost-effective solutions using parts sourced from our existing supply base or, as necessary, locating and validating new sources.


Metal components may be over-molded or be assembled directly into your device