Your end-to-end solution provider for drug delivery device manufacturing

Giving you the competitive edge with a single source for design, development, manufacturing, filling and full production for novel delivery methods and drug formulations.

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Work with a knowledgeable partner and bring designs to market faster with less risk.

SMC integrated engineering and design teams analyze critical product functions from the perspective of manufacturability and commercialization. Early-stage automation engineering and production strategies help deliver a robust device with  better results.

The right partner improves the chances of success for novel drug delivery devices and formulations, for performance, speed to market, and patient comfort. The result is a competitive advantage and better healthcare solutions for patients.

Who is SMC LTD.

Your end-to-end solution provider for drug delivery device manufacturing




SMC Ltd. is a contract manufacturer providing end-to-end solutions for the healthcare industry. Offering world-class engineering design and production capabilities, we focus on producing and launching novel medical devices, diagnostic products and drug delivery devices to support advancements in patient care. 

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From laboratory scale through full production, clinical studies, quality testing, product design, and development.

Product Development

Early involvement assessments and resulting pilot manufacturing development results in devices for:

  • Engineering Testing

  • Human Factors studies

  • Design Verification testing

  • Stability testing


Clinical Manufacturing

Clinical Trial devices are manufactured using process validation with regulatory documentation, providing finalization of:

  • Product specifications

  • Functional testing

  • Design freeze

  • Packaging and labeling


Commercial Manufacturing

With FDA Pre-approval inspection, product life cycle is managed with scalable manufacturing:

  • Launch with pilot solution

  • Increase capacity to forecast

  • Implement semi-auto solution

  • Implement fully-auto solution


Combination products

SMC offers full-service manufacturing of combination products including handling of drugs and biologics in the primary packaging for integration into the final delivery device assembly. 

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 4 compliance

  • Pre-filled syringes, glass or plastics cartridges, aluminum canisters, foil blisters, capsules, mini-tablets


All Manufacturing Facilities are FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified.

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